Tis the season, it's engagement time! Time for Skype Dates (in my jammies) I love to Skype because I live in Nowhereville USA and all my couples are from the cities, Madison, Milwaukee, California and even Sweden! I have had a few Skype dates lately that always prove fun and lively. All sorts of questions bubble up like "what's a first look", "do you take family photos", "how long do you stay at a wedding", should I add a second shooter".  The conversation flows because I like questions, especially when I know the answers. The one question that always catches me off guard is "Do you have any questions for us".....deer in headlights. Uh...should I?  


Of course I should because it's nearly 2015, weddings and vendors and even couples are different. This isn't the same business it was 25 years ago. We are choosing each other.  Are WE a good fit? Are WE a good match? It's just as much my responsibility to choose couples who are a good fit for me as much as I am a good fit for them. This is a group efforts folks.  50/50. We're a team, making your wedding amazing.  It's not all me, it's you too. Your vision, your style, your expectations. 


Here are a few questions I decided are important for me to have while considering a wedding, #1- am I available on your date?, #2- is your venue and vision a good fit for my style and photographic voice?, #3- is the couple cool and I can see myself working with them side by side on their special day? 

So? Are we a good fit? I officially have 4 dates left for 2015 that I would love to fill with someones magical day. I have had 4 fabulous inquiries this week, the cool kind where I am sleeping tight with my fingers crossed kind of inquiries.  Are you getting married in 2015? It's last call! Let's do this!