This time of year with weddings at a halt you'll notice I start more personal posts. As the year starts rounding to end I start reflecting, thinking about 2015....what will it be like? with it be the year where it all goes wrong? I seriously have New years anxiety every year, most people look forward to it and I am scared of it. How could it be better than 2014? What if it is? What if it isn't? So many uncertainties. 

I recently read a post by Marc and Angel hack life, you've heard of it I am sure. Anyway, they usually have really motivating posts that everyone can relate to on some level. I seen this one 30 Things to Let Go before the New Year....all pretty great.  I can actually relate to all of them in some way but #11 related to me on a professional level, I think in any industry you can lose yourself. I love that paragraph (below) not because I believe I am self made or anyone is below me (yuck-not even close) but just the opposite, I know people believed in me and trusted me to end up shooting 18+ weddings a year. I JUST had a long conversation with my first ever wedding couple, she said "look how far you've come!" My commission for their wedding was $100 and I thought I overcharged.  That was years ago and still today I feel the same, totally humbled all these wonderful couples choose me to document their special day. It's surreal and I still do not take myself seriously, at all.

#11-Let go of the idea that some people are below you. – Even if you’ve worked really hard to get to where you are in life, there’s no such thing as a self-made person.  Someone believed, encouraged, and invested in you.  Be grateful and be that someone for others too.  What goes around eventually comes around.  No one has ever made themselves strong in the long run by showing how small someone else is.  So don’t be lazy and make assumptions about people.  Ask about their story.  Then listen.  Be humble.  Be teachable.  Be human.  Be a good neighbor.