This weekend is my last full weekend "off" or to do basically nothing if I wanted, starting next weekend I have lots of lunch dates, coffee dates, wedding dates coming at me. 

This makes me so happy, when you inquiry with me and fill out that little contact form I don't get a whole lot of information, yes, I try to set up phone calls or Skype dates but everyone has busy schedules and email is always most convenient. There have been many many times when I haven't met the bride or groom until the wedding day, which can be a bit scary but thankfully I have never encountered a bridezilla, groomzilla or couplezilla! 

These dates are so important to me, I love to see couples interact with one another, what makes them comfortable, what makes them laugh and...what doesn't. This really breaks the ice before we start working together with the camera on. Nothing makes better photos than a happy, comfortable couple.

This photo taken at one of my favorite venues, the always classically beautiful Mayowood Stone Barn