I think I am just going to change it to "Friday Frames" what do you think? I can't seem to post 1 photo. Anyway-

Happy Friday! I have a weekend off and I just wanted to say, I have been shooting fabulous weddings and I'm sorry they are not blogged yet, I am really close to going live with my new blog and website (it's SUPER fabulous!) and I really want my new weddings to be blogged there so I am holding off a bit longer. I am sharing sneak peeks over on my Facebook page click HERE to follow me and see what I have been up to!

So, a weekend off and I am taking the worlds GREATEST dad (I'm bias) to his favorite pastime- Brewer game at Miller Park, We can't wait! This is the 3rd year we've taken the boys and they ask me every day if today's the Brewer game. Every year it gets more fun as they get older. 

I sometimes don't think Dad's know how important to a child's life they are. They may not schedule hair cuts and doctor appointments or make sure they have clean sheets and take their vitamins everyday and brush their teeth but they have a very large impact, my boys idolize their dad and I catch them saying things he would say and doing things he would do all the time. I wouldn't pick a better idol for them. He's a very special daddy, well balanced, he's tender when he needs to be and rough at times, he snuggles and wrestles, he teaches and plays. I couldn't be more proud of him. 

So to all the great dads out there, all the father's of the brides I get to meet, all the walking the daughter up the aisles I see, all the father/daughter dances, all the father's speeches at weddings, all the dad's that the grooms have made their best man............ You Go Dad.