Oh My Gosh! you guys, I have been getting so many dreamy inquires this week! So many that if they were to all book me I would be darn near full for 2015!  A girl can dream right?

So, with all these inquiries comes questions and I thought it would be something my blog followers/ readers would like to know, if it doesn't interest you, there are pretty pictures to look at! 

Client: How many years have you been shooting weddings?
Me: I shot my first wedding solo in 2008, I worked under other photographers for about a year before that.

Client: What is your favorite venue?
Me: There are so many! I would say my favorite "type" of venue is one where the ceremony and reception can be in one place and there is room to roam for photos and no strict restrictions that limit creative photos (such as church policies, etc). 

Client: How would you describe your style?
Me: Natural and genuine, I do not like overly posed or unnatural photos, they have to come naturally for me.

Client: What is your most popular wedding package? 
Me: 6 or 8 hours are definitely my most popular, I offer 4,6,8 & 10 hour packages to fit most budgets but hands down my 6 or 8 is most popular. 

Client: What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
Me: The getting ready photos! the last moments before you get married, the anticipation and excitement gets me every time. 

Client: Do you edit all the photos?
Me: Yes, every photo is edited. 

Client: Do you use photoshop?
Me: Actually no, I have photoshop, I know how to use photoshop but I edit my photos in Lightroom. There is a myth about photoshop, it's not magical. I can't make the changes that most people believe I can, and I wouldn't want to. I want my photos to be naturally imperfect. 

Client: How many weddings do you shoot a year and how do you choose?
Me: I usually cap at 15 weddings per year, this year 3 more squeaked in, the couples were too adorable to pass up. I choose weddings based on #1 availability, #2 connection with the couple and #3 venue (as a natural light photographer some venues are not a good fit for me.) 

Do you have a question for me? Shoot me an email! danistephenson@hotmail.com