Justin Trails Resort Photographer

You know those movies where the princess escapes the castle and runs away into the woods to meet her love and they go frolic in the forest? Yeah, that's pretty much how this felt. 

Maggie & Justin are amazing, sweet, genuine people. I met them over the winter for a little meet and greet to see if we were a good fit. Immediately I felt a great connection with these two and the feeling was mutual. At the session Maggie said she made that tulle skirt because this was their time to show their personalities, make an impact. We talked about connection and how important being a great fit is, Maggie & Justin are a perfect fit for me, they have a vision and understand mine. They know what it takes to make great photos together. Justin Trails Resort in Sparta was the perfect backdrop for engagement photos and their upcoming wedding in August!

This engagement session blew me away so I can hardly wait for the wedding. Enjoy!

And just when I think the session can't get any cuter, they bring out Emma.