Not only do I get to shoot great weddings, but even more importantly for me, I get to meet some incredible people. People who are gracious and caring and wonderful. People who don't care if their tie was crooked in the pics or if grandma didn't have her corsage on.  People who know the importance of a wedding day and know it isn't if the weather was perfect, the music was perfect or if everything ran on time.  My couples believe the most important thing that needs to happen is for them to become man and wife. The commitment to each other and the celebration with friends and family is the reason for that day.  My couples know that even though photos are important to me, perfection is not, for me it's about them being happy and conscious of the moment they are in. Here's some amazing words from Maggie & Justin, I had to share. 


I most definitely would have sent you a thank you by mail - but I fear after getting the rest out I may suffer some sort of poisoning after licking all those envelopes ;)

Justin and I will never be able to express our gratitude enough for what you've given us through your amazing work. You have captured everything and then some both times we worked with you. Although we haven't seen the rest of your work on the wedding, your blog preview was simply breathtaking. We will absolutely treasure these pictures for the rest of our days. 

When I look at the pictures from both our engagement and wedding - I can literally feel how I felt in that moment and time, such a precious gift to have. The outpouring of love for your pictures from our friends and family only speak to the amazing talent you possess and the understanding you have with those you work with and exactly how to capture it. 

We wish you the very best of luck and prosperity as you continue on in photography - which in my opinion, photography doesn't quite capture what you do. I'd say your line of work is much more in the artistry of capturing the absolute essence of the moment, so those who view work can relive those moments and feel as if they were there themselves. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - 

Maggie & Justin Vetsch"


Maggie + Justin Married 8.30.14 

Maggie + Justin Married 8.30.14 

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