State Street in Madison on game day? one of my favorite days to be in Madison.  Red and white everywhere! I met Sarah & Dexter on State Street during the badger game, which made it all the more fun! Especially with a couple as easy-going, adventurous and up for anything like these two.  I love their awesome attitudes towards my random ideas, I love Sarah's dimples and their great style (I LOVE tutu's) I love the way Dexter looks at Sarah, I love how Sarah carries herself as if she isn't absolutely gorgeous as she is, and I love that they brought me perhaps the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted, they told me it was for me and my boys to share which I almost didn't.  I love State Street and whenever I return I feel like I wished I spent more time there.  I can hardly wait for this wedding, I know it will be amazing and beautiful and Sarah's dress is breathtaking but even more so it will be fun and full of celebration and joy. Enjoy my time with Sarah and Dexter with this session preview!