Well, the New Year is here, isn't everything different??! J/K! I can't even express how wonderful 2014 was to me, I am sorry to see it go.  I found a great balance in 2014, I shot awesome weddings, traveled to new places and met great people, I spend lots of time with my family doing fun things and seeing new sights. It was a calm, sweet, steady year.  I have high hopes for 2015 with my 17 beautiful couples booked. New places, new people and new experiences, I am SO ready. 


I'm not big on resolutions, I wouldn't keep them anyway.  I'm not going to pretend I am going to get all fit this year or eat all organic food, throw out all my belongings and live with less or stop using social media. My house can definitely be cleaner, I can spend less money, I need for nothing and I should probably put down this bagel but, It won't stick even if I put it put into the universe so I just won't say it. But I do always try to improve myself, somehow.   Myself, my home, my kids, my work, my relationships, my experiences. I Never want to stop improving. My annual New Years day tradition is make changes to our home, boxes have already gone to donation and I usually always paint somewhere in my house. I didn't paint this year but it's not cause I didn't want to, it's cause I cannot decide on what shade of white I want. (so simple/so hard). So instead I made a list of things I want to do this year to our house. (I may not make resolutions but I am a BIG list maker) Last year we added a covered entry and resided the outside. This year I have so many ideas, starting with the kids room. I was putting together a wall collage for their room and found this perfect print. It made me think, I don't have to have specific changes I want to make or try this year, but I never want to stop improving and I Never Never Never want to give up.  If I want to teach my kids this, why shouldn't I install that in myself. 

I hope whatever it is you want to do or get out of 2015 you do. Happy New Year!