So I am a big book reader, I never ever not have a book.  So I'm reading this book right now, The light between oceans and this line really struck me. "Love's bigger than rule books".  What was going on in the book was far from anything wedding related but it really made me think about all these emails I have been receiving and had received in the past from brides. I think I hear a lot more than anyone will know "we're kind of breaking the rules".  Which I like, except....

When I get an inquiry the couple has an initial vision or idea of their wedding. No one ever says they have no idea what kind of wedding they want, everyone has some picture in their minds. The sad part is, sometimes that picture gets lost, ideas get swapped, altered, traded. Slowly that original vision starts to fade away in the wake of outsiders opinions, budgets, etc. 

I myself can relate to this, I pretty much had the wedding I really wanted (besides a few unknown resources at the time and updates I mean hello, plan a wedding before Pinterest!?!) I had the right idea anyway. We got married at a little winery and had an intimate ceremony (75 ppl) and a big reception (300ppl). It was truly the best day. But it wasn't the greatest day of my whole life. Thankfully! I had many more best days after that. I'm really head strong but did compromise on a few things and now almost 8 years later, those are the things I regret. 

Who here follows Green Wedding Shoes? (do!- so many gorgeous weddings & inspiration) I checked out a  wedding on the blog today and they have these cute little inserts that say "Our Advice To Those Planning Now" and the couple gets to give you advice. Here's Todays :

"Come to an acceptance with the fact that this will hopefully not actually be the best day of your life. Try to focus on the marriage that follows, and know that even when it rains right when the sun goes down that it is okay, know that when dinner gets cold because people are laughing and talking that it is okay, know that if you forget things at home, or things don't go as planned, that those mishaps are not a reflection of your love, and that you have a whole life ahead of each other to celebrate and have amazing days."

That is what you will always hear from already married couples. How many times have we all heard "I would do it so differently" Because they know. It's over and they reflect back and know it was one magical day, 24 hours no matter how you slice it. From when you walk down the aisle to when you exit the's still just a day and what's left is your marriage. 

This isn't a Debbie Downer post, the point is you get one shot at this wedding thing. Probably the biggest event you will ever host.  Your ideas may get a few wrinkled noses, you may get people saying I am not going to Hawaii for a wedding, you may have your parents say "but your grandparents can't travel to Paris" your going to get lots of opinions, comments, thoughts. Your going to want to please everyone and make it the greatest day for them. But it's not their day, it's YOUR day. Your loved ones will love anything you do, anywhere you do it. They will be over the moon happy for you. I promise. Because they love you. 

I say What Rules?  There are no "rules" to break. Weddings don't have rules. The only rules there are - are the ones you make.  It's your day. Run with it. 

I feel really lucky to work with an array of diverse couples and weddings and even so called rule-breakers. Enjoy a little throwback of Laura and Cully's Schusters Farm Wedding, no rules, it was personal, it was sweet and it was them. I can't wait to go back to this lovely venue in June ! Enjoy!