So I use a thesaurus a lot. I was trying to find the right word for progress to talk about where my head is at this time of year prepping for the 2015 upcoming season. I got: development, breakthrough, process, rise, stride, dash (?) that one was my favorite. Then I realized that doesn't at all describe my life right now. A better word for me right now would be passive, inattentive, lackadaisical, sleepy, dallying, idle.  The good news is, Spring is coming and that reminds me of fresh, renewal, awakening and new paint because every year I literally do paint, (I currently have 2 paint colors on my kitchen wall and both are wrong, seriously and its going to stay that way until I find the right one #awkward) This time of year I make changes, mostly to my home, but that somehow translates into all areas of my life. I want a clean, more organized home this year and same goes for my shooting and editing process in my photography life.  I'm making an Ikea hall tomorrow (bringing my husband and a BIG truck!) to jumpstart this organization around here. Once I get my home/life in order, next up is my photography/professional life to get organized. Every single year has been learning, changing and strides. Every couple, every wedding, every coat of paint is a meaningful piece of learning and growth in my life which is why I continue to share past weddings. They are all very important to me. New weddings will come into my life once again this spring and I can again start the process of growth and hustle and... painting all over again. Never stop improving.  

And because I'm thinking spring........Dani & David married April 2013, The Enchanted Barn