"Everyone has a story that will stop your heart" ~ Claudia Shear

I think a BIG huge reason I love photography is storytelling. I love to see a wedding day unfold, meet a couple for the first time and shoot engagements, see how they connect, react. Watch them become parents, grow as a husband and wife. Succeed, fail, overcome, laugh, cry.  Everyone has a story, it may be happy, it may be sad, it may not be exciting or it may be magical but everyone has one worth telling. 

I cannot thank you enough for coming into our home and taking our photos.  I had so much emotion come over me while looking at all the photos- you're not only an amazing photographer that captured our family beautifully, but these photos remind me how lucky we are to have such a happy and healthy baby boy.  For a long time we weren't sure if we were able to have a baby, and after he arrived I struggled with figuring out this parenting thing.  I'm so happy to have this relationship with you and I don't think there are enough jars of Cadbury eggs out there to show my appreciation and thanks :)   

~Alicia Foy

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