Some weeks are better than others, no doubt. I try to wake up everyday thankful for the people around me and what we have but sometimes, let's face it, life isn't always pretty.  Last week I had one of those tough weeks and then the weekend came, I spent Saturday in Madison having coffee with a future bride to be, then off to meet a past wedding couples new little man and then finally onto celebrate a very sweet couples first anniversary. In the midst of that, I received email from Wisconsin Bride Magazine, my Sugarland Wedding will be published in their Summer 2015 issue! SO amazing & exciting. Then Meghan emailed me to confirm their 2016 wedding, So happy to add that wonderful couple. Finally, we added a new family member, Mumford. He has won my heart. How could a weekend like that not make me swoon all week long? Photography makes me so happy and thats the real reason I do it. It has changed my world. It balances my life with endless positivity and possibilities.  Needless to say this week was much much better and it's already Friday! Hello weekend! I hope all of you can find happiness and be thankful when you have those weeks too. Do something you love to turn it all around, life is too short to be upset about anything. You just need to make it happen. Chin up friends, it's FRIDAY!

On that note, My 2016 calendar is officially open, are you getting married in 2016 or know someone who is? Give me a call! I love to travel. 

Happy Weekend Friends, and don't forget to scroll down one more, I added a photo of Our new little man, Mumford for your viewing pleasure.....