This time of year, I meet so many brides, have lunch or facetime, phone calls, email, email, email. I just recently sent out my "Wedding Day Breakdown" to the first half of my 2015 weddings. Now is the time to nail down timelines, coverage, and anything else we need to cover.  I've had lots of clients ask for my typical wedding day so I started adding it to my emails to them this time of year. Even add it to 2016 brides so they can get an idea of what kind of coverage they want. I wanted to share it here for potential clients too. This timeline can be tweaked in anyway needed, but it's the base of where to start. The reason I have chosen this one for the most typical 8 hour wedding day is because this is the timeline 90% of my couples go with and for good reason. It works!  It's a great flow of the day for everyone involved and I have it splashed all over my website I am a natural light photographer, so I do not pride myself in all night reception photography with off camera lighting. I usually stay about an hour into dancing. Also you will notice this timeline has a "first look", because I can't remember the last wedding I shot where I didn't do one. It's not a requirement for me but after the couple sees this timeline they usually agree it's a better flow rather than giving up their cocktail hour for directed photos and having guests hang out without the bride and groom for 90 minutes. 

A typical 8 hour wedding day looks like this...

12:00- I Arrive, meet & greet- photograph dress, accesssories...

12:30  Getting ready photos, the venue and surroundings, etc..

1:00- Get dress on 

1:30- First look w/ Bride and Groom 

2:30- Wedding Party Photos w/ Bride and Groom

3:00- Family Photos

3:30- Hide for Ceremony

4:00- Ceremony

4:30- Receiving Line

5:00- Cocktail Hour 

6:00- Dinner

6:30- Dusk Photos- Bride and Groom  (& me) only (10-15 mins tops)

7:00- First Dance

8:00pm- I Say My Goodbyes. 

Kara and Tyler, Engaged