Recently I met with a super cool couple and after talking about just about everything they ask me "You seem pretty selective, how do you choose your couples"?  Answer is, I am lucky enough to have couples choose me, their email lands in my inbox and somehow I know instantly if they are someone I want to work with. Based on that first contact form I can tell a lot about someone. Here are two examples of emails I receive, keep in mind my contact form states "tell me all about you and your love story and anything else you would like to share" 

Couple # 1: 

Hi Dani, Prince Charming and I are new at this whole wedding planning business so we have been looking through a lot of websites and Facebook profiles, and we absolutely love your photos and your style. We are interested in someone who is able to capture the story of the day so that we will have the pictures for the future and can cherish the memories of such a special day.

Prince Charming and I met our sophomore year at Mickey Mouse State University. We started dating in the fall of 2009 and loved living in Disneyland . We were able to run around the lakes, hike in the bluffs, and easily walk downtown for a meal or some drinks. We celebrated our 5-year anniversary at Disneyland this past November and Prince Charming proposed, . We currently live in Neverland,  but are having our wedding in Far Far Away land  because of how much we loved it and it is a meaningful place to us as well as our families. Prince Charming grandma  and  grandpa were married where we are going to be married.  

With all of that being said, I am wondering if you could send use some information about the packages you offer. We are interested in having engagement pictures, so it would be great to also hear about your fees for traveling for an engagement session as well as a wedding. 

Here is some additional information about the wedding:

-Ceremony location - Cinderella's Castle

-Reception location - Prince Charming's Loft

-Wedding party - 8-10

-Guest list - 200

Thank you for your time and help! We look forward to hearing from you.


That is an actual email changed a bit for privacy. But as you can see, they provided me with a great amount of information for me getting to know them and their interests and details about their wedding. I love these emails and I can tell I already love this couple and would want to work with them. 


Couple # 2: Hey are you available on our wedding day and how much do you cost?

That is an actual inquiry, they are few and far between but I do get them.  They are probably a wonderful couple but their email tells me they are probably not looking for me specifically,  they didn't open up to me or share anything, to me they were more concerned about cost.  I do email back and attempt to invite them to share more, but sometimes it doesn't work out. I've learned to be ok with that, I am good with rejection, I am good with rejecting someone. I have turned down couples before, in fact I am getting better at it year after year, If I am not a good fit for their wedding I will openly say it and find someone who is. 


So once again, I recently read this article over on Onelove photography's Facebook page. It was about how photography is not "Apples to Apples"  This is what they said: 

The single biggest mistake most new brides make is thinking that wedding photography is a commodity they can easily shop to find the lowest price - as though we will all provide the same quality for the money.

Remember, you are not just hiring a ‘photographer’. There are a million photographers out there. Instead, aim at hiring someone for his or her aesthetic sensibility and creative vision.

Lucky for me, I get a lot of Cinderella inquiries, I feel I am attracting my perfect clients and weddings. I am selective because I want to shoot to the best of my potential, I want to deliver beautiful wedding galleries, I can't do this if we are not a good fit. It is not good for me and it is not good for you (the client)  in the long run. It benefits no one to not talk about your vision, yourselves, your hopes and dreams, your love and your wedding. 


So, if your looking for a wedding photographer, I am now booking 2016 weddings and I would love to hear from you, all about you! Your cats, your dogs, your adventures, your jobs, your favorite date night, your favorite foods, do you drink coffee and wine (if so we're already Bff's) so you love movies? do you like the outdoors? how did you meet? what is your wedding vision? tell me where your getting married, tell me why you love each other, tell me about your mom and dad, how many people are in your wedding party?  Go ahead share away, spill your guts! I'm a good listener! 

Dex & Sarah = One of my Cinderella and Prince Charming's 

Dex & Sarah = One of my Cinderella and Prince Charming's