Ashton contacted me a few months ago about their upcoming September Wedding at The Lageret (pssssst! Brides have you heard of this hot new venue?!? it's a must see) In Stoughton, WI.  I heard about this venue and seen a few photos and I know it's the hot new place to get married, I was over the moon ( AKA totally Stoked!) I was still available for their big day. 

I got to meet Ashton and her main squeeze Josh last Thursday and I immediately noticed Ashton and I had the same sunglasses on from Target...(A bride after my own heart) I knew I loved her then.  The night was gorgeous, the light was beaming and this happy, adventurous couple made it perfect. We hunted for a canoe for the creek and found it (after quite an adventure) but it was so full of water it couldn't be moved. But needless to  say- If we can adventure together on our first date...we're a perfect match for a wedding day. 

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