This week I have been overwhelmed with amazing, heartfelt, positive feedback about my weddings this year. I am blown away actually by it. Thankful, humbled and blown away. You see, I love weddings, I love being at weddings, I love shooting weddings. But sometimes in this industry things can get difficult, jumbled, hard and well, not fun. It's happened to me of course but all of a sudden (a while back) I found out who I was as a photographer, my photographic voice/style. I found my perfect clients, the venues I want to work and I figured out how to make that happen for me, as you can see, it's working because I am shooting the most incredible weddings with the most incredible vendors for the most incredible couples on the planet in my opinion. I'm going to share a few scenarios with you and a few hidden moments from The Nelson's big day......


This week a couple said to me " This is your job, you get to do this every weekend? that is just amazing to us" and I said "It's the most positive job I have ever known, everyone is deliriously happy, joyful, and in love. It's the greatest thing I have ever done" That positivity has completely taken over my life in all aspects. I always look at the bigger picture in life now, witnessing these amazing wedding days, experiencing this kind of love has made me the person I am today. 


This week a vendor said to me " Oh my goodness Dani! I loved Laura and Cully's because you got more smiles and essences of the day.  AND you did it again! I am so caught up in the day...trying to make sure all is as RIGHT as it can be...and sometimes I miss all the smiles. I always know people are so very happy with their wedding day at the farm but Dani you give me the gift of seeing just how very happy! Thank you! " ~ Theresa at Schuster's Barn 


This week a fellow (incredibly talented photographer) said to me "I've been meaning to tell you you had a post earlier that totally inspired me. It made me remember how awesome weddings really are." 

If I can give back one ounce of inspiration that people like this have given me then I am the happiest girl alive. My couples inspire me, vendors and venue owners inspire me and most of all fellow photographers inspire me. All of you inspire me, I have met the most amazing people doing photography, I have been to some wonderful places, I have got to experience some life changing moments. This is not lost on me. I know how very lucky I am to do this, to be a part of this community in good times and some bad.  I don't know how to express how much kind words, comments, likes and feedback means to me. There's no negativity here. It's my safe place and I love it. Thank you all for the kind words and feedback and support always.