So I put my three year old in soccer, his first organized sport, his older brother had that opportunity so I figured why not. Plus it builds social skills and runs the energy out of him (worked magically) but I noticed, he wasn't like his older brother.  He didn't care if he ran faster, if he got a goal, he didn't even really care where the ball was half the time.  He socialized, he listened (sort of) and he had fun but he had zero competitive nature.  Then it hit me, lightbulb...Wait....OMG.....he's just like me.  

I am an Island. Not in that I did this myself or I don't need anyone. Quite the opposite. There are people on my island! Lots of wonderful people.  I'm an island because I am happy on my little piece of earth doing my own thing. 

My whole life I have been that way to the point where people thought I was stuck up because I didn't care what they were doing.  I love sports, I LOVE when the Packers win, I HATE when they lose. But I myself am not a very competitive person.  This has trickled over into my photography life.  I get many inquiries a month and not many bookings and I am ok with that, hopefully they found their perfect fit.  I don't follow other photographers very closely, if it pops up on my limited social media time, I will probably "like" it, but I don't seek them out wondering what they are doing. I hope we all do well. Why wouldn't I?  I'm really big on community over competition.I want us all to succeed! People ask me all the time what I think about all new craze to be a photographer. My honest answer is "There are plenty of weddings to go around" it's true, we will never stop weddings. There's more than enough for everyone.  I referred several weddings out this week, some I was open for because I didn't feel I was a perfect fit. I get referrals from other photographers all the time! It's wonderful. We have a wonderful photography community happening right here in Wisconsin and I feel lucky to be a part of that. YOU should feel lucky with all the fabulous people you get to choose from!