I had the pleasure of working with Catie and Eric at the beautiful Hope Glen Farm. What I love the most about farm/ barn weddings is you can make it anything you want. Catie's vision brought in Kate Spade and Vera Wang! I loved the black tie twist with a little glitz and glam for this farm wedding!  Catie has some great input here for planning brides so grab your lunch and enjoy! 

1. What was your favorite memory from the wedding?
Other than marrying my husband, it was seeing all of the hard work and planning come together. I was worried that all my ideas wouldn't be cohesive or the decor would look too DIY - not in a good way. Once everything was set up and the night went on it was awesome to see it all together and how much people appreciated the details. I still get so many compliments on how everything was so well planned and thought out.


2. What could you have done without?
I really wanted everyone to enjoy themselves so I had activities or things for everyone all ages. From coloring books for kids, to a s'mores bar, to yard games and a photo booth! A lot of things didn't get used or people didn't get a chance to see. In hindsight all of it wasn't worth the money or the time it took to prepare. Focus on one or two "extra" things- if that's important to you. People will have fun regardless! 


3. What is your best advice for planning brides?
Enjoy this time! It is stressful but it'll all come together - I promise! Even when you think it won't, it will. I found it helpful to make checklists each month, starting 6 months before the wedding. If I didn't get something done it rolled into the next month. It really helped break up what I needed to focus on leading up to the wedding. It really helped me not feel like I was drowning in what wasn't done because I could see what I did do! 


4. Looking back, what was the MOST important?
That I picked the right person to marry! But really just having fun with friends and family! That same group of people will never be together ever again. Take the time to enjoy yourself and don't worry about a thing! Things may not go as planned but it's not what matters at the end of the day. I had a bridesmaid go into labor on her way to hair and makeup. So, my personal attendant got her dress from the hospital and stepped right in! No one thought any different that my personal attendant was now a bridesmaid or that the programs were now incorrect. Only you will notice those things so roll with the punches - they make the best stories! 


5.  What did you plan/Book first? Dress, venue, Photographer ?
I booked my venue first - so I knew the date -  but Dani was second!

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