if your following me, you might recognize this couple. Brianna sent me a letter a few years back out of the blue, we had never spoke or met before.  The letter was amazing.  A true moment for me I will always remember.  A few of my favorite lines she penned were "I have been an avid follower of yours for 5+years" and that she feels blessed that I share my photography with the world. "Happiness and love is exemplified in your work and the world could use more of that each and every day" she ended with "I hope someday that I will be lucky enough for you to capture some of my moments" When Brianna contacted me when she got engaged I felt so overjoyed. It was HER turn. I couldn't wait to meet them in person and hug her and thank her again for that letter.  Once I met her and Ethan, I wanted to thank them for so much more.  Thank you for being genuine and sweet, Thank you for choosing your date based on my availability, Thank you for always asking if they can do something for me on THEIR wedding day. Thank You for feeding me delicious BBQ and cookies. Thank You for an excellent timeline and ample photo time with the couple. Thank you for a small but meaningful wedding party. Thank you Brianna's mom for being so sweet and sending me home with a huge box of cookies for my boys. Thank you for being amazing clients and for choosing me and writing that letter.  I loved this relaxed day on the family farm. So full of joy and wonderful people. I couldn't have been happier to attend this wedding, I was so welcomed by everyone and the day was amazing. I am SO happy for these two and glad the day was perfect, and how about that dusk sunshine? If you ask me, it was meant to be. 

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