Happy Halloween all!  Today I have the exact opposite of scary post. Today I want to shout out to some pretty fantastic people I like to call, repeat clients. I think one of the biggest compliments I could get in this industry besides word of mouth referrals is loyal, repeat clients. Clients who pipe up whenever I advertise my once-a-year mini-sessions or email and ask about sessions throughout the year.  Friendly familiar faces always make me super happy. It's those relationships I long to build with people. I LOVE to see my wedding clients again! So out of 14 mini-sessions I had 1 new client.  That felt pretty great. I know there are other photographers, likely closer to them in distance, maybe who will do it cheaper, faster, who knows, who cares no one is obligated to return, just like a hair dresser right?  The fact that people do come back to me and even drive 2 + hours to see me is really special and I really truly value them.   And then on top of their travels and graciously making my times work for them,  some of them bring me gifts like delicious desserts from a fancy restaurant, Willy Street Coop cookies,  apple crisp, and even a mobile sundae station!  These gestures are overwhelmingly kind, thoughtful and beyond sweet.  So I say to my husband, "these people drive to me AND bring me gifts, it's truly amazing how thoughtful these people are, I should be giving THEM a gift" and then my husband so genuinely turns to me and says  "you are".   

I love you guys, all of you who come back to me, over and over, you know who you are, your the reason I love what I do and the real reason my pictures are pretty is because of the kind, sweet  souls who are in them. 




Paige & Corey Married 8.24.13 at The Enchanted Barn