Happy Black Friday! Only 28 shopping days till Christmas! Obviously Christmas is so much more than that but if your like me, I ADORE the season of giving. I actually told a family member once who wanted to do the "no gifts" Christmas "I can do without receiving gifts but I can't do without giving them".  Honestly, I LOVE to find the perfect gift, something meaningful, even small. One of my favorite gifts to give is photos.  A lasting gift forever. 

Did you know we are the most photographed generation ever but we have no photos to show for it? All of our photos are on computers or smart phones. Bad! We need to print photos!  Frame them or put into albums, even put in a shoebox and go through them in 10 years and laugh at your hairstyles, your moms glasses or dads mustache (something my sister and I do annually) Whatever you do, print your photos!

Here's my 5 year old holding one of my favorite photos, me (HUGELY) pregnant with my first baby. Such a beautiful moment. I look at it everyday. He thinks it's weird that's him in there, I always say "thats me and you bud". 

Above picture is my boys holding our wedding photo, they think it's so funny mom and dad got married. 

Every Black Friday I shop online, there are good deals out there! I have already saved well over $200! Since I'm a BIG believer in savings (and online shopping) I always have an annual print sale in my Instaproofs gallery.  If you haven't made prints of your wedding photos g today and save 15% off of $50 or 20% off $100 (todays the last day!) or print off some for gifts! Everyone will love to open a gift and see your smiling faces. It's a no brainer. 

Also running a sessions and Gift Certificate special!  I am only taking VERY limited sessions next year, this would be a for sure way you get one!  Fill out this form and I will return your email with the details and specials!!!!


Don't say I didn't warn you!! my family sessions will probably be down to the once a year mini's!


Happy Shopping!

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