So a couple weekends ago, I shot a wedding and then we caught a great show (Gavin Degraw + Matt Nathanson= some serious awesome) I noticed something as the road crew was setting up the stage between shows. Each artist had their own backdrop, equipment, guitars, pianos, drums, etc. There are reasons for that beyond my knowledge, I know nothing of the music industry and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but something dawned on me. They use different guitars for different effects in the music that most of us probably don’t even realize. Like any creative industry. Hairdressers use different tools for different effects, chefs use different tools, Graphic artists use different programs, painters use different brushes, actors use different styles of acting, Photographers use different lenses for different effects, we use lighting differently, we process our photos differently, we blog differently, we do this to create, make our art our own. When you choose someone to be a part of your special day, your photos haven’t been made yet, the food hasn’t been cooked yet, that song hasn’t been played yet. Don’t remake someone else's moments and don't just choose any old vendor for your wedding. Choose someone who loves what they do and whose work/art/creativity you trust love and imagine yourself in.