I have absolutely adored this couple since the day I met them last January in the blistering cold at Justin Trails Resort later in June for engagement session and finally at their amazing wedding in August.  They're love runs deep for faith, family and friends and you could feel that was what their entire wedding day was based on.  Maggie's a stunning bride, her hair and her perfect tea length gown and Justin's excited smile, they met in a little garden to say their vows privately to each other before seeing each other for the first time.  I know for some of you tradition wins but the impact of this moment was more than any I have seen at the alter.  The dresses (including the brides) are from Etsy, the bouquets and boutonnieres are made of wood and also from Etsy.  The refurbished barn at Justin Trails doesn't need much decorating, it's big and beautiful just as it is, Maggie's pastel palette and gorgeous simple touches made for one perfect wedding.