Every parent has a story,  I have a story, all of my friends have a story, my sister has a story, my grandmas have stories.  The good & beautiful experiences and the stories of grief & struggle. Getting pregnant and having a healthy baby is an absolute miracle right here on earth. Becoming a parent was a game-changer. What a gift it is, truly. Once you become a parent, things you once cared about take a major turn. What's left is unconditional love. 

 Jen and Darren are a wedding couple of mine. They had a beautiful September wedding that I am still swooning over. When I heard they were pregnant I could not be more happy for them. But Worry and panic struck this couple early, they didn't have the perfect pregnancy, or even a regular pregnancy for that matter.  They missed all the "regular" pregnancy things people do like maternity photos and even a baby shower. This was not a perfect experience for them. Brix arrived at 28 weeks on February 11th at 12:36pm, he weighed 1lb 8 oz and was 12.6 inches long. He is 33 weeks today and his real due date was May 5th, 2015.  Lots of thoughts and prayers surrounded this family that day. Luckily they have one tough little man. He is doing well and growing, today weighing in at 2lbs 9.6 oz and 14.6 inches long.  I couldn't be more honored to get to meet Baby Brix. I wanted to give him and his family something to remember these special days, weeks, months of the start of his journey of life. He is a beautiful miracle, like every baby in the world. Congrats Barnharsts, your beautiful little man will be swinging a bat in no time. 

if you would like to donate to this family, who will be off work for a long time caring for Brix, please click this link: 


Enjoy a day in the life of Brix Barnharst.  Also- Please scroll all the way to the bottom for a sweet little video I put together of this session.