Georgina and I clicked immediately, she's funny, she's down to earth, she's laid back and better yet she has fantastic taste proven by our many same "pins" on Pinterest. Then I met her other half Jake who is her perfect mate. They planned a flawless day at The Barnsite Retreat in Kewaunee, WI on the most beautiful day June 2015 had to offer.  Don't even get me started on these details,  greens and gold? If  I were to plan a wedding again, it was be just like this one. I'm so excited to share this wedding and hopefully brides draw inspiration from Georgina's hard work and attention to detail.  Beyond the details, the ceremony was my favorite part. The officiant put them back to back and explained how men and women see only half the world, and together we can see it as a whole. It was really inspiring and beautiful just like this couple. Enjoy the sneak peek!