Ahh..Magnus and Holly are this amazing world-traveling couple. They met in Duluth, MN while Magnus was studying abroad then switched countries and Holly studied abroad and for years they were never on the same continent as each other. Magnus went back to Sweden, Holly went on to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, because, why wouldn't you drive the wienermobile? life went on as they knew it but they some how found each other again on a bus. It's like a happy chance, serendipity. After seeing them together at our meeting and even more so at their wedding I just new this happenstance was fate. They are that couple when you just know it's forever.  Their sense of humor alone would do it but their tight bond lasted over thousands of miles and oceans and time. Eventually Holly moved to Sweden and met "The Swedes" as they call it, and luckily 20+ of them flew to America for this special day. I loved the additional of the Swedes,  the girls who stood up in the wedding got up for a toast and announced themselves in total unison "hello, we are the swedes" everyone laughed, they said some special words to Holly and then broke into song which ignited the room.  We corresponded over email at odd hours then in Sweden, me in Wisconsin but nothing could prepare me for how perfect this day ended up being. It was such a special day. I shot a double header that weekend and worried I would be tired out but the moment I entered this wedding I thanked god I was there and a part of it.  It was an absolutely fun, entertaining, delightful and 110% about love, family and friends.  Here's to Magnus and Holly and their next adventure! Enjoy the preview.