I have a special place in my heart for these two. Starting with their initial inquiry to me, Travis inquired and we swapped dates and venues, etc.. before he and Laura were even engaged because he knew Laura wanted to work with me one day. That right there is enough to make me burst with happiness. What a wonderful groom! and then comes Laura, this vibrant, positive soul who I completely adore. These two together are dream clients to work with but beyond that, they are absolutely wonderful people who I am honored I was able to meet and work with. I had high hopes for their day and as you can see I was completely blown away. This wedding in the brides fathers words was "reminiscent of a fairytale" and it was. They weather the beautiful, everyone was overjoyed, and the couple was drunk on happiness.  At every turn of this day there was something more to look forward to, something fun, something emotional, another wonderful moment.The outpour of happiness was contagious. I smiled for weeks after I left and as I edited through each photo.  I wanted to share all of that in one blog preview but I don't think that is even possible! But I hope you get the gist. Enjoy!