I'm talking with future couples, we are going over contracts, we are having open discussions about all details of the day and then they ask the dreaded questions..."What if it rains"?  "Can we do photos indoors"?  

Believe me when I say, it DOES rain on wedding days. It could even rain on yours. There I said it.  No one can predict the weather BUT that doesn't mean we are going to let mother nature win does it?  Are we going to stay indoors and pout and get not good photos?  or are we gonna punch Mother Nature in the face? 


I have one other question for you after reviewing the contract .. In the second to last paragraph it discusses that 90% of the photos will be taken outside regardless of weather. Does this include if it would rain on our wedding day? I just know I wouldn't feel comfortable taking pictures outside in that situation.

This is my answer about rain and shooting only indoors:

Hi Guys!

Great question! It's super important to me that we are on the same page so I hope we can have open discussions about anything!

What I mean by 90% of my photos taken outdoors is that I usually shoot in locations like outdoors, barns, or venues with a lot of outdoor space for photos. I rarely shoot in hotels or indoor spaces because I use natural / available light. I even like family photos outdoors (like Paige and Cory's!)  Indoors doesn't provide the light or the background that outdoor photos do. If you look through my website I think it will support the statement of 90% of my photos are taken outdoors. 

Unfortunately, no one can predict the weather, so in the event of bad weather I try to stay positive, it's my job to make your wedding look good but I have to have willing participants. Indoor photos are necessary in this case, however then your photos would not be consistent with my work.  So on rainy days we always try to run outdoors when the rain lightens up or if the sky opens so we can get those consistent dreamy outdoor photos.  I have had a lot of rainy day weddings, it's not ideal. We do sometimes have to take indoor photos so we have *something* of course. But in the end we have to embrace the day and what we are given and just roll with it. If the sky opened up I would suggest we run out and get some great photos for you to have. I want you to be happy with them!  Indoor photos do not compare to outdoor ones, so I always do my very best to work with what we have as long as the couple is willing. 

In the end I want to deliver a gallery of fun and genuine photos that the bride and groom will cherish but I am under the direction of the bride and groom. If you truly didn't want any outdoor photos in case of rain, I would have to grant that wish but I would worry you would be disappointed with the turn out. (All indoors)

I have shot a lot of rainy day weddings, I have been lucky enough to have willing couples, here is a recent wedding I shot in pouring rain (all day long) the bride and groom were not happy about the weather, but luckily they embraced it and participated and their photos ended up featured on WI Bride Magazine!! Here's a link:

Sean and Kristy

Hopefully that answered your question and gave you the best idea of what to expect. Please let me know what else I can answer for you!