Amanda and Jordan's wedding at The Waters in Oshkosh was perfect! The weather was amazing and the setting was brilliant. (Hint: Brides- if your setting is amazing, you will not need much for décor and could be a money saver in the long run!)  I loved what Amanda talks about here in her advice for wedding planning. I think there are two solid points  here you should remember #1- keep it simple and #2 choose what's important to you as a couple, you will not make everyone happy. Thanks so much to Amanda for sharing! 

1. What was your favorite memory from the wedding? 
It is really hard to choose just one favorite moment, because there were so many. I think that overall, seeing our family and friends there to support us in our marriage was awesome and the best feeling. When our officiant had us turn around and look at everyone that was there for was just really special. 

2. What could you have done without? 
There wasn't really anything we could have done least not something that comes to mind. 


3. What is your best advice for planning brides?
I think my best advice would be to not worry about the small things or the little things you cannot control. What I mean by this is that too many brides worry more about the superficial details that no one cares about. I definitely kept things simple and did not waste a ton of money on things that were not THAT important in my opinion. Also, I think to just not worry about what you cannot control-like the weather for example. It is hard not to think about, but it is also out of your control-so just go with whatever is handed to you that day. 


4. Looking back, what was the MOST important? 
To us, the most important thing was to have pictures done early, so we could mingle and converse with our guests. Pictures were very important to us, but the people and the memories we made together from that day were more important. I have been in weddings in which pictures consumed over 80% of the day and to me, that is just overkill. Also, it was important that we just had fun and enjoyed the day, which we definitely did :) Best day ever!


5.  What did you plan/Book first? Dress, venue, Photographer ? 
We booked our venue first, then photographer, We only had a 7 month engagement, so it was important to make sure we were able to get both the venue and photographer we wanted. It helped our wedding was on a Friday evening too! But, my advice would be venue and photographer as the two most important and first things to book.