I have been waiting for this wedding for a LONG time. Alysa and Tyler chose me to document their day plenty in advance and we were able to meet for an engagement session and then I didn't get to see them again for another whole year.  I gathered right away that these two were perfect for each other,  and they had already overcome so much together that this union was forever.  Then I got to the wedding and met their families, who have known each other for year and years long before Alysa and Tyler were born and I could see the puzzle forming, this was always meant to be. I was lucky enough to be a part of it.  I think although this was a gorgeous wedding at a spectacular venue, The Enchanted Barn, the love between these two shines brighter than all decor or dresses.  When I was packing to leave Alysa said "do you have to go? put the camera away and stay for a beer"  These bonds with my couples are sacred to me! I feel the exact same, it's like after the wedding it's over and I am losing a friend. What will I do with out Alysa emails?  But,the best is yet to come.  Enjoy the preview!