Ok so no one hopes for rain on their wedding day, but like all things in life, you can't control it but you can control how you handle it.  Meghann and Ben absolutely handled it.  They are an outdoorsy-world travelling kind of couple and had hopes for an outdoor wedding at the beautiful Justin Trails Resort but by mother nature's choice, we had to make some adjustments and really just "Go with it".  As a photographer this changes my game too but this couple and their wedding party and family completed braved the weather and rocked it.  I think this rainy day couldn't have turned out more dreamy and romantic if it tried.  We didn't let the rain stop us from exploring the grounds and doing outdoor photos, if you look closely you will see the rain, but if you look closer you will see the love and joy! BIG congrats to these two and high fives for not letting it rain on their parade so to speak. 

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