Like a lot of my couples I didn't meet Chelsea and Scott in other than emails prior to the wedding day. This may be nerve racking for some, but I never get too nervous because I am lucky enough to have a great track record for awesome couples and I always feel like I can make a connection, I have already shared a ton about myself on the internet so I am sure they have  good idea of who I am, and through wedding planning I think you can gather a good idea of who they are too.  The minute I arrived I at (The gorgeous) Sugarland  I felt like part of the group,  I know I say that a lot (truth) but I did. Chelsea and Scotts friends and family are AWESOME.  Seriously hilarious, down to earth genuine people who I would be friends with in real life.  Chelsea and Scott had a GORGEOUS summer day for their wedding complete with amazing dusk light outside of a barn on a gravel road. The bright colors just showed the couples true colors, bright, colorful people.  I'm absolutely Swooning over this day still as I put the blog preview together.  So happy to be a part of this day and so so Happy for the Mr. & Mrs!