Let's just say,  Aaron and Stacy made my Boho Wedding dreams come true. I loved hearing their Enchanted Barn wedding vision from the start but what really impressed me was....they STUCK TO IT!  That is HUGE when it comes to wedding planning.  So many opinions, ideas and pinterest and opinions and well opinions! and yet, they held strong and I LOVE that about them.  So I hope you really listen to their wedding advice here!  


A little advice from me, if your the kind of bride who wants to get your wedding noticed and possibly published, I would go for bold statements, a very unique dress, venue, decor and wedding party attire! 


What was your favorite memory?  

 So hard to pick! Sounds cliche but the entire weekend was perfect. My absolute favorite memory was our "first look". So many feelings leading up to finally seeing each other on the big day and I was just so incredibly happy when I saw his handsome face (Dani captured the moment perfectly!) We also snuck away to have ten minutes together to totally geek out on the fact that we actually took the plunge. It's amazing to be surrounded by those who love and support you, but equally important to have those moments alone. 


What could you have done without? 

I might have gone a little overboard with the desserts and alcohol but people left fat and happy, so I have no complaints. Just a lot of leftover pie... 


What was the best advice you received? 

Stay 100% in the moment. The day flies by faster than you can even imagine.. During dinner I remember looking out to the crowd and seeing all of my favorite people conversing and laughing...how amazing is that!?? Enjoy the little things and feel the love, it's all around you! Second for all my perfectionist friends, I can assure you that you're the only person that realizes when something doesn't execute exactly to your vision. Don't sweat it.


What did you book first? Venue, Dress, Photographer.....what order would you suggest? 
Booked the venue first as it set the actual date and the vibe of the day! Photographer was a close second...book quickly as the good ones go fast!


What were you nervous about and was it worth it?

So embarrassing...my friends would tell you I am awkward. In general I use it to my advantage to be funny and do weird dances, etc. Unfortunately, awkward isn't the first word you want people to use when talking about you on your wedding day. When it came to pictures, my husband and I were both so camera shy at first, but Dani was so great at making us feel comfortable and hiding our awkward sides. 


What tips do you have for planning brides?

Pinterest is your pal - its a great way to take the ideas in your head and bring them to life! Etsy is equally amazing! In the beginning I had grand plans of killing the DIY game, but I travel a lot for work and to be honest I just got lazy...so I supported small businesses and bought a lot of fun and personalized things off Etsy. 


If you could do it over again what would you change if anything?

We got married in a small town based on the venue (which was amazing). I didn't think early enough about hotels for my guests...My biggest piece of advice would be to see how many rooms hotels allow you to book and make sure there are actually enough rooms for everyone. We ended up having people in 2 separate cities, which meant funding additional transportation. It all worked out, but something for all you small town brides to consider. 


Tell us about how you chose your dress and bridesmaids dresses

I am boho by nature and knew I wanted a dress that was all things flowy. Unfortunately Wisconsin doesn't carry a lot of the brands I found with this vibe. So, over a few glasses of red wine (how all good purchases happen) I ordered my dress online and it ended up being perfect! My bridesmaids wore Free People, only ask was that they picked ivory for the color. It was great to see them all rock a dress they'd actually wear again and that fit each of their styles...and the pics turned out amazing! 


How did you stay organized? 

I’m a planner and had a binder and spreadsheet going at all times. Once we landed the venue I worked at checking things off my list early, doing one thing per week. It felt great, helped me balance my budget and kept me from getting overwhelmed as the big day approached.


Anything you'd like to add? 

Congrats to all starting your wedding planning journey!!!  It is some of the most fun, stressful, and ridiculous times I've had in my life. Find the joy in the process and remember to love and appreciate all those around you who are so incredibly supportive with their time, money, and words during your hectic planning. Remember the end game most importantly includes marrying your best friend and hopefully a few honeymoon cocktails on a warm beach! 



Ceremony and Reception: The Enchanted Barn
Florist + Rentals: Jennifer Joyce Design
Wedding Dress: Grace Loves Lace 
Bridesmaids Dresses: Free People
Bridal Accessories: BHLDN
Bridal Shoes: Steve Madden
Make-up: Tina Beaupre
Invitations: Minted
DJ: Open Bar Entertainment