So I shot this (incredible) engagement session with these two sweethearts Laura and Travis, and while we were shooting we got on the subject of my blog, work, etc.. This couple said that when they inquired with me they realized I had a certain "type" of people as clients, a certain style of couple.  They said they only hoped that they would be this type of couple and fit my style too. (Seriously you guys, these two are like the poster couple of my type of clients, love them!)  Laura said "what you have, and these couples,  it's a brand" and I wanted to hug her right there. I was SO happy, this was an enormous compliment and exactly what I want for my business, a brand that attracts a certain "type" of couple.  If you follow my blog for me it's not about how fancy the wedding was or if it was at a barn or at a specific location, wearing specific type of dress, and had certain details, it can or can not be any of those things, it doesn't matter to me. For me, It's about the couple. The type of people they are, my kind of people.  People who love photos but know they are not the most important part of the day because getting married is most important and if everything else goes wrong then your still husband and wife and that's the best thing that could ever happen.  The type of people who wouldn't ask me to change their photos, the kind of of people who can laugh and be silly, who love the outdoors, who have hobbies and interests, people who love to travel and eat good food. People who love where they live and watch football on Sundays. People who bring me yummy cookies from the food coop ;)
(The fact that my couples are all insanely adorable is just a bonus.)

If your my kind of people and getting married in 2015 let's chat because I am about fully booked with amazing, fun-loving, easy-going, happy and madly in love couples!  

Meet Laura + Travis, My kind of people, coming to the blog very soon.