Ok, so I may have a small crush on Tina, and her owners. This session was perfect. Laura and Travis are so incredible, they are warm and fun and easy to talk to. They are so happy it radiates right off them.  When Travis originally emailed and said " we met at a triathlon and fell in love over butternut squash" I was sunk, bummed, sad that I was not available on their date/location. Then he emailed more and the date and location changed, never hearing from Laura (the bride) I thought "well, what a great groom to take the reigns on this"! But little did I know, they were not yet engaged. Travis set this up before proposing to Laura!  When Laura called she told me the whole sweet story and how she always wanted me to be their photographer so he did this behind her back in secret, I was so smitten. Then they tell me they have "Tina" their tandem bike and want to incorporate her into the photos, I was over the moon!  It was truly all meant to be. I'm ecstatic about this August 2015 wedding. This fun-loving, adorable couple really gets the big picture in life and I am happy to be a part of that.  Enjoy a preview of my time with Travis, Laura + Tina (lots and lots of Tina- sorry, not sorry)