This post is inspired by a newest bride of mine, Kasey. She inquired with me for a 2016 wedding, she states she has been looking around for a while and felt the most connection with my photos, she has a few venues in mind and is not set on the date rather she asks me for my open dates between June-August 2016.  I email her back my open dates, tell her I love her venues she's looking at and over the weekend her and her fiance go "bumming around" looking at said venues and dates. She comes back with a date that works for everyone and Viola! She has her wedding in the works.  Three days after her first email she has her perfect venue and photographer she wanted booked....Her last email states "This is easier than I thought"!!

Stress free wedding planning. 

A few things I want to highlight here to make your wedding planning process easier

Breathe. Sometimes brides get that ring on and it's like Gollum and his "precious", your vision narrows, your excitement heightens, things get crazy. You do not need a dress that weekend, you do not need a wedding party, you do not need a date.  Enjoy being engaged, have fun and breathe.

Don't create your own stress. Unless your emotionally attached to a date, leave your options open to work with specific vendors (photographer). Especially if your having a family farm or backward wedding...your in control, change the date. Or even at a venue you can simply ask them if they have other dates open, you can move your deposit to a new date. Be Creative ladies, nothing is concrete.

There are no "Have to's".  You do not "have to" get married at a specific venue, you do not "have to" get married on a certain date, you do not "have to" get married the same year he puts a ring on it (refer back to #1), you do not "have to" have engagement photos in the first month, you do not "have to" do anything at all. 

Do not read wedding magazine timelines. They are full of it. The last one I came across said to book your venue and photographer last....last! Give me a break. Unless you are planning a backyard wedding, pick your venue and unless you plan on having uncle bob photograph your wedding with an ipad, pick your photographer 12-15 months in advance is where I am booking currently. (Wedding magazine said to book 6-8 months in advance) the farther advance you book, the better odds your favorite vendors will be available. ( keep it 15 months and under) 

Moral of the story, balance it. Seriously, slow down, keep your options open, give yourself time and when that time is right, book your venue, book your photographer.  This is just my opinion and it obviously doesn't fit every wedding scenario,  perhaps your planning an elopement or intimate backyard wedding, these can easily be planned in under a year but you could still run into issues finding the right vendors for you. 

This is me...married 7 years on November 10th to the love of my life! 


Photo Credit: Krystal Muellenberg Photography