The days are shorter, my to do list is fleeting,  my bedtime is the same as my grandparents,  my calendar is naked, I'm wondering what to do with myself on weekends, I'm meal planning like a boss. I've had friend dates and watched the Packers kick butt, my husband has a Grizzly Adams man beard of epic proportions, I taught my 5 year old how to start the car in the morning because it's nearly freezing.  Family is coming home soon. Oh yes, it must be Thanksgiving Time.  

On our travels from Green Bay we passed a teeny country church that had a sign  "Thank God for what you have, Pray for what you need, Work for what you want".  I've never heard truer words.  It's something to live by actually.  I took on a new philosophy in life about 10 years ago now actually.  I found happiness and positivity in my life. I try to feed it with more happiness and positivity at every turn. I could list a bazillion things here that I am thankful for, all of you reading this, all my weddings, all my sessions, hummus, toothpaste, you get it, I will spare you the long-winded scroll of my life blessings and share what I'm most thankful for.

 I wake up every single morning, look around my terribly messy, well-lived in home, I walk carefully around the invisible toy mines and laundry hills and Thank God for that mess. I'm so Thankful for it's perfectly imperfectness,  I'm so thankful for piles of dishes and laundry and boots strewn all over the place because it means my home is filled with little, full of life people and one big guy who I love dearly and who I  get to see, hear and feel everyday.  For that I am most Thankful for. 

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours next week. May you spend it somewhere warm and surrounded by people you love. 


Photo Credit: T Lynn Photography