Friday May 9, Summer hustle, day #1- I have a wedding today, an engagement session tomorrow morning and a wedding tomorrow evening, let the games begin!

You know, I have met a lot of brides over the past 6-7 years. There are all types, (luckily I haven't encountered the bridezilla type.) I believe there are certain personality traits that can make a bride even more (naturally) beautiful in photos on her wedding day. I would know right? Care to know my favorite type of bride? 

Here's goes like it or not.... 

  • Laid Back
  • Fun-Loving
  • Stylish
  • Trend-Setter
  • Madly in Love
  • Not afraid to be Silly
  • Happy to be alive
  • Established
  • Chooses her own vendors
  • Thinks outside of the box
  • In Control but not a bridezilla
  • Thinks of her wedding as a wonderful day, not the foundation of her whole life
  • Has a leader-mindset
  • Has an equally cool + involved groom
  • Has a fun wedding party that will let her dress get dirty ;)
  • Keeps momzilla in check (if she has one)
  • Knows when to do and not to do DIY wedding projects
  • Likes: Coffee, road trips, etsy, live music
  • Dislikes: tiaras, shotlists, fake flowers, impersonal details.
  • Most of all, more excited to be married than anything else.

Meet Erin, She embodies all of these qualities like most of my wonderful brides do, She married her soul mate Joel at The Enchanted Barn in October 2012