Rachel was referred to me by my March bride, Ashley.  We met over lunch one day and I immediatley knew I wanted to work with her. I was overjoyed when she decided to book me for her wedding.  Then at the engagement session I met Jared, her perfect match. The sweetest couple ever who are so genuine and really fun to be around. They really "get it" when it comes to weddings. Plus, I could never get enough of The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond. Needless to say their wedding was beautiful and a dream job for me.  A beautiful venue, amazing bride and groom, her dress, and a super fun wedding party makes my job the best. I couldn't be happier with this day! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Miller!

The happy couple went flea marketing for mismatched beer glasses, mugs and wine glasses for their guests to choose from! Love this idea. I actually scored a wine glass from Burr Oak Winery where I got married! How meant to be is that?!

Rachel was breathtaking, her dress was perfection and I love how she didn't let her bridesmaids see it until she was in it. That reaction is classic! If you can hold out, don't let everyone see your dress beforehand, what a moment.