Hi My name is Dani and I am a wedding photographer. There I said it.  For years, I have never thought of myself that way, didn't really see myself as I seen everyone else. When someone would ask if I was a photographer I seriously shied away or shrugged it off "no, not really just a hobby sort of" My husband would be proud and say things like "My wife shoots weddings" and he would get a sharp elbow to the side and a "shut up" under my breath. My family would send my name to people who were getting married and I would later say "Mom, I really wish you wouldn't do that".  I am not sure if it was me who didn't feel like I fit the bill or if I just hated the name "photographer" or what but I admit, I had issues with it.  Today, I had all day to do nothing but care for my sick little 2 year old, as we cuddled on the chair and rocked, I drank tea, he pedialite watching Doc McStuffins, My oldest son (5) Teag (sounds like League) came up to me with The Wisconsin Bride Wedding Planner and said "Hey Mom- this looks like a picture you would take at a wedding, I wish your pictures were in a magazine".  BAM. At that very moment I thought, OMG thats MY photo on that magazine cover. Yes, I have seen it I have like 5 copies but looking at it never seemed real like it was my photo...ON THE COVER.  It seemed like someone elses.  I said "Teag, that is my picture on the cover of that magazine" and his eyes got big and said "Awesome Mom"! and then went back to the wild world of airplanes, swords and Ninja Turtles.  So much I learn from my kids. Honestly, I do. This is yet another lesson.  It is pretty Awesome to be on the cover of a publication for Wisconsin Bride. They are handing this out at wedding shows going on all over the state. If a bride looks inside she will see my name as the cover photo. I am pretty excited and proud of that.  Go pick yourself up a copy of these great magazines, Wisconsin Bride Magazine and Wisconsin Bride Wedding Planner and...WI Bride is having their annual "Best Of" awards on their website www.wibride.com  go vote for your favorite wedding vendors!!! (Vote for at least 6 vendors so your vote counts.) 

I later went to my desk and dug out some older Wisconsin Bride Magazines and was shocked when I realized I have been in them every year since 2012!

2012 Wisconsin Bride Resource Guide 
2013 Wisconsin Bride Magazine
2014 Wisconsin Bride Resource Guide
2014 Wisconsin Bride Magazine
2014 Minnesota Bride Magazine
2015 Wisconsin Bride Wedding Planner (cover) and full page
2015 Wisconsin Bride Magazine. 

I'm super proud and honored to be in these publications, it's not a contest I won or any trophy but I am lucky they choose my weddings to feature and that lots of future brides see my work in print. I am proud to be a wedding photographer. So look out, now it's gonna be a whole new me...whipping out my business card...."It's ok! I'm a wedding photographer" lol ok maybe not. But it was funny right?