What do you get when you mix New York wings with Wisconsin roots? Probably One of the most stylish weddings I have ever shot. I mean, A naked cake and a dress with sleeves ? don't get me started with all the greenery! (Hello- Bride Valerie works for Martha Stewart and she brought home some major NYC trends) But none of that mattered really without that smile on Valerie's face.  Happy Brides are the most beautiful. Hands down. If your worried about your dress getting dirty or the food being cold or the flowers the wrong shade. Don't.  Because it doesn't matter. That smile on your face will matter when your photos come back. You hired someone to come take your picture, all day long. Every moment good and bad is being documented. You made sure of that so be happy. Your getting married! If that's not the most important thing of that day, what is?  So, Don't worry be happy.