So, one time, I was at a doctors visit and we were chatting (we're like bffs) and she said so your a wife, mom, and you work and run a business? Yes. Then she said- when do you have time for yourself? I laughed and said, photography is for myself. It's my creative outlet, my night out, my "me time", It brings me joy and happiness and very low stress believe it or not because of the amazing people I get to work with. Here's a great example of that....Rewind to August 2013- The moment I stepped foot onto Laura's family property I immediately felt welcome, warm and like I belonged. I think I have a strong connection with my couples but I also had a strong connection with Laura's parents.  Both were so sweet and really made me feel a large part of the day. Obviously their family farm is ideal location for this wedding. But the moments that really got me were at the ceremony everyone sang...and I mean SANG. Like these people could really sing and that showed later at the reception too. Anthony's gift to Laura was a song he wrote and performed at dinner. Her sister then gave a tremendous speech and ended in their childhood song. Everyone in the tent locked arms and rocked back and forth and sang it. It was a "wow" moment in my career for certain. Who am I to witness this? So much love, positivity and peace. It brought tears to my eyes, clarity to my mind and hope in my heart. 

"Love grows, one by one
Two by two and four by four
Love grows 'round like a circle
And comes back knocking at your front door."