It's been a long time since I blogged, I think my Squarespace account was wondering who the heck I was.  All for good reason folks. But I have missed my blog and my photos and clients and feedback and messages and ahhhh....In the winter I am without.  But I am feeling motivated and more alive than ever today so I thought, I gotta get the the blood pumping back into this blog! I am starting with an AMAZING couple who flew me to DC for this session. We hit all the touristy stuff but not for the session, the magic of the session was we hit all of Meghan and Adam spots like their condo, the bar where they shared their first kiss, their favorite coffee shop and neighborhood and park.  I have to tell you these two are beyond smart, beautiful, kind, genuine people.  They picked me up in a different state at midnight when my flight was cancelled! They took us to dinner AND found a Wisconsin Badger Bar in the neighborhood so my husband could feel right at home while I shot.  We had a fabulous weekend in DC sight seeing, eating good food, being kidless and exploring a new and amazing city oozing with history! It was an eye opening for me, I was never a big history buff but it's incredible! I ubered everywhere, I seen Abe Lincolns hat for the goodness sake. But most of all I got to hang with these two kids. Enjoy!