I've seen so many "year in review" blog posts or these amazing "best of" posts and I love to look through them and see everyones year, most of the time I do not follow anyone closely enough to see each wedding they shoot. Even photographer friends of mine I don't follow closely enough, not because I wouldn't love to but more so lack of time and commitment to doing so.  I however am not as create as some of these bloggers,  or I am basking in my off season of sweats and netflix binge-watching and just truthfully loving laziness right now. I know soon in a month or two things will really pick up for me and so I am taking this time off to do just about nothing but cuddle my babies and celebrate holidays with family.  

I am not doing a "best of" because I know I certainly can't choose a favorite.  But you are more than welcome to comment below if you do have a favorite couple or wedding! That being said, I LOVED...LOVED my 2015 wedding season. All 20 couples/ weddings were spectacular. I connected with everyone, I was happy to be at each and every wedding and looking back brings back all that happy and good and warm temps back in my life.  So I quickly ran through my files, I picked a color photo of each couple and I wanted to share them again here with you. I linked their wedding blog so you can relive the wedding in case you missed it or in case you loved it and want to see a preview again ;)  I may do specific categories and share more from each wedding at a later date, we will see how winter goes! Stay with me, Spring and new weddings and engagements will be living up the blog soon. 

 I had 20 weddings, 19 of which are featured here as one was an intimate elopement.  CHEERS to 2015 and what's to come in 2016!!!

Wedding # 2-  Sean and Kristy at The Enchanted Barn 

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