It's crunch time, I am talking with all my couples, sending out "Wedding Day Breakdowns" a document I have them fill out a month or more before their wedding so I can have it and use it as a reference on their big day. Through this time those final decisions are being made. Right now one of my brides is making a final call on those bouquets or hair style.  The grooms are decided what ties for the guys and whether or not to wear wear those funky shoes.  This includes my sisters wedding that we are planning, she finalized her lights and napkins and yard games today. 

Since this is all fresh in my brain I feel like rolling with it so today I am sharing some 2015 trends with you, I expect to see a lot of these things this year, but I am using my last years style shoot for inspiration. Last year? yes, I am a wedding stalker. I love wedding blogs. I see things happening at weddings sometimes before it hits the midwest. If your a planning bride and looking for some big trends I am forecasting to see in 2015 read on. 

#1- Dresses with sleeves or interesting backs.  The whole long sleeved dress trend hasn't full hit home yet. 99% of the dresses I see are strapless but the trend will come around! Just like bell bottoms and skinny jeans girls, at one time or another both of them were "in".

#2- Wild bouquets- When I got married (2007) it was all about the tight, perfectly round, hand wrapped bouquet. This year is the big...BIG, wild, free, loose and raw bouquet of any shape. 

#3- Greens- I love green, I love this is on trend. Lets get green people!  Garlands, bouquets, centerpieces, the greener the better. 

#4- Hair down- It's all good to let that hair down girls.  Just think of you in that wedding dress all done to perfection and having some flowing locks. Tight up- do's are out. In the words of Elsa, Let it go!

#5- Minimalist Cakes- So long fountain and bridge! (Ok that was in the 80's) but massive, over detailed cakes are so last year. This year I forecast simple white cakes, naked cakes or even no cakes! Pies are pretty hot right now too.

Another trend that I think / hope to see is GOLD! which is accented in this shoot. Hopefully you got some inspiration here for those last decisions you have to make or maybe for 2016 brides to start thinking about!