Dear Moms,

I never thought I wanted to be one of you. Your job is hard, messy and not at all glamorous. I was young, immature, way to cool for kids until I met my husband and got married, we wanted to start a family. I was so scared. What if we weren't "us" anymore?  Having my son Teag (like League) was this immeasurable experience. Everything that was once important stops cold.  Your priorities shift. You live life for a whole new reason, that little human. Becoming a mom made my life complete, whole, worthy. It's everything I ever wanted but never knew it. Then I got pregnant with my second son, Cooper, I was even more scared. "It won't be just the three of us anymore".  I laugh at my old self now. I am nothing if I am not a mom to these boys. I have never been so challenged, so pushed, so full of love. They make me remember how to be silly, how to be lazy, how to build forts and watch cartoons in bed until 10 am. Everyday is a new adventure, (tonights adventure was hot lava carpet and your only safe to stand on pillows! ) They make me the adult which was new to me. They need me 110% of the time, so "me time" has a whole new meaning. Being a mom has cut me down to size,  made me humble, worried, paranoid and even crazy at times.  Dear moms, how do we do it? How do we not do it?  I have had the pleasure to meet many many extraordinary moms in this job. I see the way the look at their children I think "I know exactly how she feels".  Every mother / son dance I let the tears roll, "that will be me someday" I think to myself. I think the best lesson I learned from being a mom is how to be Thankful. Thankful for every single sunrise. Thankful those boys wake up in the morning. Thankful they are healthy and can run and play and fight. Thankful they make piles of laundry and dishes. Thankful for all the toys, the whining and the hugs. Being a mom has taught me to be Thankful for every single day that I get to wake up to them. Everything else falls to the way side. That's a pretty big lesson I learned and It has changed the way I look at life.  Dear Moms, Thank you for allowing me into your club. You are all amazing. You are all glamorous. 

Dear boys, If I know what love is, it is because of you. 

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