Well here we are, almost Memorial Weekend, let the  chaos commence up in here. I have been chatting with lots of brides about either their upcoming wedding or their upcoming engagement session and try to make it easy for them. I have done this hundreds of times but I know they haven't so it's important we have these talks. One big thing I talk about is light. While the couple is worried about location, I say "I will look for the best light".  Lighting is important for how your photos turn out, there will definitely be days where it's not sunny and perfect but that doesn't mean your photos won't be. It just means you won't get that warm sunny glow.  I always book sessions in the later afternoon/evening and steal away the couple after dinner to get a few glimpses of said light.  I have even shot a wedding in pouring rain and was ready to leave until the light appeared and I stayed 30 minutes longer to get the bride and groom in that yummy light.  So since wedding season is here (next week for me) and has already started for some I wanted to share some good lighting tips for your engagement photos or wedding day. 

#1 Get ready somewhere with a lot of natural light, think white or light walls, big windows, a clean open room. 

#2 If your having an outdoor wedding, think of where the light will be at the time of your ceremony. Will it be 4pm and your facing the sun so it's beating on your face? if so, turn around. Flip flop your ceremony so the sun is to your backs. 

#3 Schedule later afternoon/ evening photo sessions. That pretty light will be magical. 

#4 I know your dad/mom/grandma/ sister /friend found a perfect backdrop or thinks those flowers are really beautiful but follow your photographers instincts on where to shoot the photos if outdoors. 

#5 Look at the BIG picture. Wide open spaces are always gorgeous for lighting. 

#6 Make time for dusk photos in your day, not only is the light great but you can get away from everyone and smooch your groom.

#7 Reception photos- Turn off the crazy DJ lights and put up some cafe lights (not christmas lights) Your first dance will look dreamy. 

#8 You do not have to do family portraits inside the church, you can go outside they will be even better, promise. Church lighting is rarely good. 

#9 If the sun is low and strong, it takes time to get those great photos, so snuggle in and take your time while your photographer gets the light juuuuuust right.

#10 Most importantly, hire someone whose lighting/exposure you love and make sure it fits your day. If you hire me and say you love my natural light look but are getting married in a basement covered with dark wood panels, your ordering Mexican Food at a Chinese restaurant. 

Hopefully you can put some of these tips to use! Have a great weekend everyone!!