Three things I Love about Meghan and Alex:

#1. They love old vinyl records (yes! these young kids!) and they are into this amazing era of music I grew up on, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Doors, America, Simon and Garfunkel...I am totally crushing on this couple. 

#2. Meghan said "we're old souls" 

#3. They gifted me the mug she used at the engagement session that I as oogled the entire time, how did she know I would LOVE it?

Did I say 3? I meant 4....

#4. They planned a weekend getaway in a cabin and went canoeing, etc.. so they could come closer to me for the session and Meghan had these AMAZING ideas that really represented them as a couple and at the same time they were totally spontaneous and went with all my ideas. 

Whose counting??

#5. They are ADORABLE.