Wedding after Wedding, I continue to be wowed this year.  Every couple, every dress, every suit, every detail, every wedding party, every family, every first dance has been nothing less than magical for me this year. 2015 will be unmatched. I was worried I took on too much work this year but find myself excited for the next wedding and the next and the next. I smile through editing the photos and putting the gorgeous blog posts together gives me all the warm fuzzies. Jess & Michael's wedding was every bit as fabulous and every other wedding this year. It's almost a theme of 2015, AMAZING COUPLES.  Sweet, genuine, heartfelt, Thankful couples who make me feel absolutely blessed to even be in their presence. Jess and Michael are so in love, are world travelers, are sweet, are funny, are adventurous, are happy.  They sent me a sweet Thank You long before I even posted a preview. To them, it was about their love and marriage that day. Pretty photos was just a bonus. I think they made some very pretty photos. Enjoy the preview!